… Keep a diary in English
Writing is often harder than reading. Therefore, take some time to learn how to write correctly and beautifully.
This is arguably one of the most difficult aspects of language learning. Journaling in English can help teach stream-of-mind writing. and this is an invaluable practice.
You don’t have to write entire pages, two paragraphs a day is enough.

2. Read books, newspapers and magazines in English
Reading is an important part of language learning and should not be left out. Reading will help you learn many new words, understand grammatical constructions, and learn to write correctly.
Find something that really interests you. It could be classic literature, a modern love story, The New York Times, whatever. The main thing is your interest.

3. Make a pen pal
Writing a letter is a time consuming thing. It takes time for thoughts to turn into words. This is not just a stream of consciousness, these are deliberate lines. You may need to look into a dictionary or grammar reference more than once. Or maybe you decide to quote something from the book you just read.
It will help anyway.