The German language and telugu to english will be useful for work not only in the countries where it is spoken. The competition among translators is quite high – there are 17 resumes for one such vacancy in Russia today[5]. But the German language will be very useful for people from other industries – logistics bureaus, export-oriented and pharmaceutical companies are actively cooperating with Central Europe and are always looking for specialists who, in addition to their basic skills, speak German well. Business in Germany is booming[6], so new opportunities for international cooperation are constantly emerging.

As for working directly in Germany, unemployment in Germany is only 4.2% – one of the lowest rates in the world[7]. At the same time, according to studies, a migrant with a good education is more likely to find a job here than native Germans with lower qualifications[8]. The only caveat is that for this you also need to speak German at a level not lower than C1 or even C2. But knowledge of this language will provide many career opportunities – even if you are not considering labor migration, international companies are always looking for specialists who know German and english to tamil.

In 2020, the Skilled Immigration Law, Fachkräftezuwanderungsgesetz, was passed. It is designed to attract specialists from countries outside the Eurozone to Germany. The law gave those wishing to find work in Germany new opportunities:

Canceled priority check. The Federal Employment Agency has stopped checking whether there is an applicant for a position among the local population before approving the candidacy of a foreigner.
Abolished restrictions on the choice of profession. Previously, you could only get a job in your specialty.
Allowed to change the migration status. Now find a job even before receiving a diploma and apply for a Temporary Residence Permit[9].
It is convenient to look for work in Germany on these services:

Make it in Germany – a portal about job search, professions, moving; is a German job search portal;
LinkedIn, Xing – international social networks for job search;
EURES is a section of the European Commission’s job search portal.